Personal Tax Returns

Do you feel that you pay too much tax?

Do you want a qualified accountant who will question you to ensure you claim all the deductions you are entitled to and get the maximum refund?

We prepare returns for thousands of people every year of various occupations.




3 ways to get your tax refund in 14 days

  1. In Person – Call 9821 0666 for an appointment NOW
  2. Tax by Phone –    Call 9821 0666 to make a telephone appointment.  We’ll complete the return and email it to you for signing.
  3. Tax by Fax – Actually these days it’s by email as well.  We forward to you our easy to use questionnaire and you return it to us to complete your return.

Examples of some of the occupations of our clients

Administrative and Clerical Employees
Ambulance Officers
Bank and Finance Sector Employees
Bar staff
Beauty Therapists
Builders and Carpenters
Business Development Managers
Carers & Disability Support Workers
Croupiers & Casino Employees
Chefs and Hospitality Workers
Defence Force Members
Employment Consultants
Financial Planners
Flight Attendants

Investors and share traders
IT Professionals
Nurses and Healthcare Workers
Police Officers
Postal Workers
Property Investors
Real Estate Agents and Employees
Retail Shop Assistants
Sales Representatives
Security Guards
Travel Agents
Truck Drivers
Vetinary Surgeons


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