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Welcome to Absolute Accounting & Taxation, the Melbourne Accounting Firm dedicated to helping you get your financial house in perfect order and keeping it that way forever, so that you Realise Your Full Potential.

How Do You choose an Accountant In Melbourne?

Besides completing your Tax Returns on time and attending to all the other necessary paperwork and regulations that government departments require we work with you so as to grow your revenue, increase your profits and maximize your business value. Every effort is made to understand your business and communicate with you and help you solve the small and big problems you face. You have access to our Business Advisory Services that focus on improving your bottom line.

Our clients span a wide range of industries but our focus is:

1. Helping Individuals get the biggest tax refund and
2. Helping, listening and understanding Small to Medium sized Businesses. In particular if you are a Trades Person, Service Provider, Health Professional, Real Estate Agent, in fact, any small business that is serious about flourishing.

If you are just starting out in your own business, we take pride in mentoring you through the various stages of your business lifecycle.

If you want to take your business to the next level, just call our Melbourne accounting and taxation office on 9821 0666 or email and one of our enthusiastic and proactive team members will be in touch to help you Realise Your Potential.

For individuals you can be assured that a Qualified Accountant will complete your personal tax return and ensure you claim all the deductions you are entitled to so as to get the maximum tax refund.

How do you choose an Accountant?

Many people think an accountant is someone who prepares your tax return. We believe you need more than that. Intelligence is not knowing the answers; it’s knowing what questions to ask. Here are the questions you need to ask before you engage an accountant.

  • How can you help me grow my business?
  • How can you help me increase my profit?
  • How can you help me manage my cashflow?
  • How can you help me pay less tax?
  • How can you help me protect my assets?

At Absolute Accounting & Taxation we pride ourselves on working with our clients to ensure all these areas are covered. Get a free copy of our comprehensive 45 page booklet, ‘Starting or Buying a Small Business’ when you make an appointment. It covers all the key issues such as alternative business structures, GST and tax registrations, record keeping, legal issues, employing staff and preparing a business plan and cash flow budget.

Melbourne Accountants looking after Melbourne Residents and their Businesses

Looking for a Melbourne Accountant, Tax Agent or Financial Planner? From our Melbourne offices in Glen Iris, we service Melbourne Accounting clients as well as clients from around Australia. For more information about our comprehensive Melbourne Accounting and Taxation services please contact us.

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